You can now buy a Millennium Falcon quadcopter

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Today is officially Force Friday – a tour de force put on by Disney to show off their shiny new Star Wars toys, gadgets and collectible sundry. This is all in preparation for the new movie – The Force Awakens – which will be released in December.

Our favourite from the hundreds of announcements? A Millennium Falcon that is also a functioning quadcopter.

The toy, made by RC veterans Air Hogs is actually very simple in construction: the four rotors are embedded in the hull of the Falcon and the body of the model is made out of a dense foam, which means your toy won’t break apart like a ship in an asteroid field should it hit the ground a bit hard.

The Falcon was shown off yesterday as Disney hired Youtube content creators to unbox the new products and show them off for the world to gawk at. Youtube personalties quill18  and Corey Vidal showed off the Millenium Falcon in a video you can watch below.

Are you already drooling over the idea of donning your best vest and conquering your local park as a rebel scum and you have a credit card handy? You’ll need too head over to Amazon, which has partnered with Disney to provide some of the products.

The Falcon is discounted right now to $88 (R1 200 or thereabouts), down from the list price of $110 (R1 500) and although it says it has free delivery, we have some bad news for you: it does not ship to South Africa:


There are, of course, ways to get around this, such as shipping it to a friend or relative in an eligible country, who can then send it your way, but you’re out of luck if you want it delivered directly. You can also play around with local importers who specialise in this; online store Raru has an import section that is stocked with Amazon products, so you could always hope that it shows up there.

Alternatively, our writer Brendyn is attending a Star Wars event today that coincides with Force Friday and the mass-merchandising of the franchise, and we may yet see the Falcon pop up as a local product. We’ll update this story if that is the case, but check back later today to see Brendyn’s coverage of the event.

[Source – Youtube]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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