Android Marshmallow is coming to LG’s G4 first

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Android 6.0, named Marshmallow, is the next iteration of the popular mobile operating system, and we finally know which non-Nexus phone will get it first.

The Marshmallow roll-out to phones not made by Google will start with LG’S G4, in Poland of all places, with the rest of Europe, Asia and the Americas to follow. Note that South Africa is usually included in European releases, so we should see it at around the same time as it hits over there.

Unfortunately, there’s no concrete date or schedule available at the moment, so it’s a waiting game, but we expect it to get here before the end of 2015.

For those unfamiliar with Android releases, they differ from iOS updates as each manufacturer creates their own custom version of the software, while Apple’s OS is identical across all devices. Chris Yie, vice president and head of marketing communications for LG, says that the company will be first to market thanks to “working closely with Google”.

The full list of changes and improvements thanks to Marshmallow have been detailed on the official site. With (theoretical) improved battery life due to a feature called Doze, as well as greater control over app permissions, Marshmallow looks to be a worthy upgrade.

We had our hands on the hardware – the shiny LG G4 – back in June of this year, and it was sufficiently impressive, managing to score a nine out of ten. Our review ended thus:

LG has managed to incorporate premium materials into the G4 without sacrificing the ability to swap out batteries and pump up storage with an SD card. If you opt for the leather clad version (and you really should) your G4 will be one of the best-looking, best-performing smartphones available today.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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