Apple faces R68 million class action suit for Wi-Fi Assist feature

The WiFi Assist feature introduced in iOS9 which switches from Wifi to cellular data when Wifi signals are low, could end up costing Apple $5 million (R68 million).

A lawsuit in the U.S District Court in San Jose reveals that Florida couple William and Suzanne Phillips are accusing Apple of deceptive business practices, false advertising and misrepresentation.

The couple claims that other customers have been affected by the Wi-Fi Assist feature causing them to get a nasty surprise on their data bills if the feature was activated.

The attorney representing the couple, William Anderson, said in a statement on TechWorm, “It boils down to a decision by Apple to provide a product update without adequate warning about the result of that update, which resulted in numerous people who are extremely surprised and very frustrated by the size of their bill.”

The issue is that Apple was not forthcoming with the amount of data that would be consumed when Wi-Fi Assist is active and only sought to explain the feature after media around the world brought attention to it and the mobile data it used.

With the amount of people having reported that Wi-Fi Assist eats through their data Apple could pay up to $5 million in this class action suit.

If you have just recently updated to iOS9 and want to switch Wi-Fi Assist off we have a step by step guide for you.

[Source – Apple Insider]

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