ANCYL wants etolls to be scrapped

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The recently restructured leadership of the ANC Youth League has said etolls in Gauteng need to be scrapped

ANCYL secretary-general Njabulo Nzuza told journalists at a media briefing during the league’s national executive committee (NEC) meeting, that government needs to do away with the current system in place and adopt alternative means to fund massive infrastructure projects.

Nzuza also said that this notion was supported by over 2 000 Youth League members and delegates who mandated the leadership last month to put pressure on the government to do away with etolls.

”The ANC is an organisation of the people, and it should therefore listen to people when they say they do not want e-tolls,” Nzuza reportedly said.

These utterances may be the league leadership’s way of painting itself as a body that has the interests of young South Africans at heart, even if means questioning its own mother body’s decisions and strategies.

Since the election of the league’s new leadership, doubts over its effectiveness and whether or not it would be different to its predecessors, who were seen as biased towards government, have been expressed and debated on online and mainstream media platforms.

Nzuza said the league would forward the suggestion to government at the party’s fourth National General Council (NGC) to be held in Johannesburg from the 9th to 12th October.

The ANC’s younger members aren’t the first ones to suggest the scrapping etolls to national government. The Gauteng provincial government, lead by premier David Makhura, did so last year, which lead to the setting up of an advisory panel to review the system and then the announcement of a new etolls dispensation.

[Source – News24, image – ANCYL]