BRO! SA game Broforce is officially out

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Broforce has finally hit “Full Release” status, after lingering in Steam’s Greenlight and Early Access programmes for a good few years while its developers polished it to a shine. It started life as a prototype way back in April 2012, when it emerged from the Ludum Dare 23 Game Jam, and has been in development ever since.

In the intervening years, it was picked up by international publisher Devolver Digital, was involved in a movie tie-in, and worked its way through Steam’s Greenlight and Early Access programmes, and has now graduated to full release.

It’s a true South African Cinderella Story; only replace the princess with classic 80’s action heroes and the glass shoe with many, many guns.

Broforce plays out as an action platformer with classic leanings – the graphics are delightfully pixelated  and the characters are ridiculous caricatures called “Bros”. Rambo becomes Rambro, Judge Dredd is Bro Dredd and, our favourite; Conan becomes Bronan the Brobarian.

Yes, in the game’s war on terror, evil robots and the devil himself, the English language takes a few bullets. It’s all so over the top and steeped in American patriotism that the biggest surprise for most players is the fact that it came from South Africa, not the US.

If your adrenaline is sufficiently spiked and you want to teach enemies the glory of freedom, you can pick up the game at a discounted $9.99 (R131) on Steam, or a little more at $10.04 (R132) on Humblebundle, where 10% will go to charity.

Those on PS4 will need to wait until “early 2016” to play Broforce on their chosen platform, though, while Xbox One won’t be seeing it at all.


The office has played Broforce in its various stages over the years and it has proved to be enjoyable throughout. If you need a little convincing, a free spin-off called “The Expendabros” is free to download and play; that game was a tie-in for The Expendables 3, a movie only slightly less ‘MURICA! than Broforce.

Love that Broforce is a South African production? Then check out more South African games from the Home Coded stand at the recent rAge Expo.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of