Crowd-funded laser razor campaign suspended

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Remember that Kickstarter campaign started in late September to fund a high-tech razor designed to take the pain out of shaving entirely? Well, it’s been cancelled, putting an end to dreams of some day shaving with lasers.

Unfortunately for the guys behind the project, The Register has reported that Kickstarter has suspended the campaign because of the site’s policy of only supporting projects for which there are working prototypes, which the Skarp Laser Razor campaign does not have.

While the Kickstarter page does have a video showing off some sort of prototype laser-based shaving device, it wasn’t nearly as effective at removing human hair as one would expect from a device intended to replace conventional razors, and as a result of this, Kickstarter felt that the device did not qualify as a “working prototype” as the basis for physical rewards, something that’s required by its terms and conditions.

Kickstarter thus decided to suspend the campaign on those grounds, and because suspensions are permanent, the project won’t be able to re-launch its campaign via Kickstarter; for that it will need to go elsewhere.

It’s a pity, too, because the idea is fantastic; a laser-based shaver that cuts human hair without the burning, irritation or itching caused by traditional blade-based shavers is one that resonated with a lot of backers, leading to the project pulling in over $4 million dollar mark in pledges, far exceeding its relatively low target of just $160 000.

That’s quite a disappointment for many people who were looking forward to discomfort-free shaving.

[Source – The Register]

Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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