Facebook’s “diversity problem” motivated it to create a coding education hub

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When the world’s tech giants began releasing “diversity reports” in mid 2014, revealing how unbalanced their workforce demographics were, many, including Facebook, committed to solving the issue.

Among the social media company’s steps towards that are a new coding info website called TechPrep.

Facebook explained that a big factor that hinders a lot of women and people of colour in the US from pursuing careers and ascending to top positions in tech is lack of access to learning materials and encouragement.

TechPrep allows parents, kids and schools to get started with programming by providing links to resources they can use to learn.

The website is particularly aimed at people in the US as it also offers information on books, academies, colleges, scholarships, communities and events nearby that are focused on coding, but those outside the country can still make us of a number of other resources on the site.

“TechPrep brings together hundreds of resources, curated based on who you are and what you need, such as age range, skill level and what kind of resource you are looking for,” Maxine Williams, Facebook’s global director of diversity wrote on the company blog.

While it would be great if TechPrep offered free coding lessons on its actual site, it can be credited for being a step in the right direction that the company, and others, need to head in, if they really want to tackle the diversity problem head on.

[Source and image – Facebook]



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