Here is MTN’s complete list of iPhone 6s packages

Apple’s iPhone 6s officially launched in South Africa today, and if you were one of the lucky (or crazy) few to have been at an MTN store just after midnight, you have probably already picked up one.

But since not everyone could be there, plenty of phone enthusiasts will likely be looking to upgrade to the iPhone 6s, or open a new contract with the phone in mind. To accommodate those folks, MTN has released a comprehensive list off all its contract packages on which the iPhone 6s is available.

You will notice that not only does MTN have the iPhone 6s on the usual 24-month contract plan, but it also offers a 36 month options, which you’ll find towards the bottom.

If you don’t want to get the phone on a contract, MTN’s cash pricing was revealed earlier this week.

[Source – MTN, Image – Apple]

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