Humble Monthly Bundle is a subscription service to get games and donate to charity

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The Humble Bundle website may look like any other digital videogame reseller, but it’s not: when you buy any of its weekly game bundles, you also donate to charity. As of today, the site also offers a monthly subscription service that gets you a selection of “highly curated” games every month for a set price.

The site started off by bundling games together and offering them for cheap. You can pay anything  you want for the bundle – with a minimum payment of a single US dollar – and choose how to split your payment between the game’s publisher, the developer or whichever charity is being supported.

There are several types of bundles on offer: the original “Humble Bundle” which comes out every week, one for books and even one for mobile games. The site now even has its own store where you can buy single games whenever you please. These individual sales, however, don’t let you split your payment; rather, 10% of the price goes to the charity du jour.

It’s not uncommon for the bundles to get insanely popular – most bundles generate several million rand.

Now it’s being expanded again with a subscription service called Humble Monthly Bundle. Subscribe before a certain date, pay the fee and when the time comes several games will be added to your Humble Bundle account, ready to be redeemed on Steam.

It’s only offered on PC right now, and the service will cost $12 (R167) per month with 5% automatically going to whichever charity the bundle supports.

The games on offer haven’t been announced yet, but we believe it follow the same format as Loot Crate (or the local version Geek Crate), where you pay and the products received are a surprise. Joining before the 6th of November will net you the first bundle (when available) as well as a copy of Legend of Grimrock 2 as soon as you join.


While we do like this idea, we have two issues with it. While it is promised that the games on offer will be “highly curated”, there is still the chance of getting multiple games that aren’t worth playing, or duplicates of games already owned. A more local problem is the international currency and our weak currency. Paying a subscription fee month-to-month may eat away at bank accounts unknowingly as the exchange rate forces the price up.

We will, of course, be following the Humble Monthly Bundle and should we spot deals we believe are worthwhile, will bring them to your attention.

[Source – Humble Bundle]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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