Matric exams kick off today with Computer Application Technology, here’s what was on last year’s paper

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Matric learners doing Computer Application Technology (CAT) kick off the 2015 final exams today with their first practical paper. In 2014, 91.4% of matrics passed the subject, and so had a look at last year’s CAT practicals paper to get an idea of what 2015’s learners can expect from this year’s exam.

High on the list of concerns for CAT and Information Technology, which require the use of a computer, are issues like loadshedding. But according to reports from schools, Umalusi and the Department of Basic Education, the all-clear has been given for the final exams.

Matric exam papers tend to mirror the previous year’s exams in terms of style and the type of questions asked. Today’s exam will be three hours long and learners will have a question paper with detailed instructions and learners will conduct their practicals in a computer lab.

In the 2014 CAT practicals, learners were presented with a scenario which involved a grade 12 tour of the African continent. They were tasked with creating an information brochure, spreadsheet, database, questionnaire and website for the trip.

First, learners had to create a cover page, title, table of contents and facts on places to be visited during the tour, using a word processing document. Next was drawing up a questionnaire learners on the trip would have to fill in with their details and preferences, followed by the bookings and tour info presented by the travel agency.

Screenshot (647)

Lastly, learners had to code one page of the tour’s website using HTML and a provided HTML spreadsheet.

Screenshot (646)

If the above is anything to go on, the 2015 CAT matrics shouldn’t have too hard a time with the exam. What remains to be seen is how well they do, and if the education department will be able to report on any improvements made over last year’s results.

In order to pass CAT, matrics must score a cumulative score of at least 40% in their final exams, which will be added to their school-based assessment tests to calculate their final year mark.

Tomorrow, the 2015 Information Technology matrics write their first practicals.

[Source – Dept. of Education website]