MTN to sell iPhone 6s for R12 599

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Earlier this month, MTN revealed that it will be taking pre-orders for Apple’s new iPhone 6s on 29 September, but offered no information on pricing or packages.

Today however, the mobile operator announced what it will cost if you would like to sign up for a shiny iPhone through one of its contract packages. Clench up, people.

An iPhone 6s 16GB on the My MTNChoice 100 plan will cost R489 per month, while a 16GB Plus version on the same package will cost R559 per month. MTN also said that customers who take out a new contract or upgrade their contract in October will receive an additional 30GB (10GB x 3 months).

If you prefer to buy it cash, the 16GB handset is R12 599 and the iPhone 6s Plus is R14 499. MTN hasn’t released the pricing for the 64GB and 128GB variants, but it is safe to say that they’ll probably be incrementally more expensive.

“We are cognisant of how desirable these iconic smartphones are and that many of our customers who are early adopters would wish to be the first to lay their hands on the latest handsets. The head office in Johannesburg and our flagship stores in Cape Town and Durban will be open for trade after midnight on October 16 for customers who wish to acquire this handset on the launch date. This is part of our efforts at offering our customers with a distinct customer experience,” said Larry Annetts, Chief Marketing Officer: MTN South Africa..

If you are planning on going directly to the Apple source, you will be able to pick up the 16GB from Core Group (the company responsible for all things Apple related in South Africa) for R11 800 and R13 600 for the 64GB one.

If you don’t make use of Core Group’s trade-in plan, the 128GB version will be R15 500 cash.

MTN added that customers who really can’t wait until the morning, will be able to walk into its head office in Johannesburg, its flagship stores at Century City in Cape Town and at the Umhlanga MTN Gatemax store in Durban at 00:01 on 16 October to make their purchase.



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