Star Wars Battlefront will have a Season Pass and Ultimate Edition

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Star Wars is going to be a massive money-spinner this year. With a JJ Abrams film on the horizon every company with a publishing deal with Disney is about to release a boatload of merchandise guaranteed to sell by the truckload. You can almost hear December’s cash registers ringing in unison already.

Which is what makes the latest news about EA milking Star Wars Battlefront players for all that they’re worth seem more than a little offside.

Apparently EA has announced that players who want all of Battlefronts DLC can buy an optional Season Pass as a separate purchase, or they can fork over more cash for an an “Ultimate Edition” of the game, which includes the Season Pass as part of the package.

The Season Pass nets players  access to four expansion packs, the release dates of which are as yet unknown. In addition, Season Pass holders will get access to DLC expansions two weeks before anyone else as well as an exclusive “Shoot First” emote.

Sounds great right? Well all of this early access and DLC bundling comes at a cost. After all, this is EA, right?

The only South African pricing that has been confirmed for these additions is for the PC version: R600 for the Standard Edition, R500 for the Season Pass and R1 200 for the Ultimate Edition.

On the local Playstation and Xbox stores , the Standard Editions will run you R900 each, with no price set for the Season Pass or the Ultimate Edition as of yet, but if you’re familiar with game pricing, you can expect them to cost quite a bit more than the PC version.

What the announcement neglected to include is anything concerning the Deluxe Edition. This edition of the game has been available for pre-order since the game was added to the various online marketplaces and includes five additional in-game items. The Origin store has a handy graph to explain the differences between them:


Remember that the items listed above with “(instant access)” can still be earned, in-game, via the Standard Edition. What the Deluxe Edition offers is quicker access to the listed items as well as exclusive emotes for some of your money. On PC, the Deluxe Edition costs R700 and on console it is R1 000.

If you wanted to get a taste of Battlefront for free, your time is up as its open Beta ended today. Look out for our full review of the game (when it’s out on November 17th) to see if Battlefront lives up to EA’s asking  prices.

[Source – Star Wars / EA]

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