This new maker board will operate on Google and Linux software

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“Creator” and its, well, creator – a company called Imagination – aren’t exactly a big name in the maker board spaces, but that may change with their new board and its wide range of software options.

Imagination is partnering with Google to bring the Brillo operating system (OS) to the Creator Ci40 board. Brillo is an embedded OS designed for internet of things (IoT) hardware and is based off of the venerable Android platform.

If Android is still too closed off for you liking, the Ci40 will also be able to run two different Linux distros: OpenWrt and Debian.

Each version brings its own benefits – OpenWrt uses a command-line terminal or a web interface and has around 3 500 optional software packages, while Debian has over 43 000 software packages and works with the previous Creator board, the Ci20.

On the hardware side, not a lot has been revealed about the Creator Ci40 as of yet. In its announced on October 20th, it was revealed that it will be using CPU architecture developed by Imagination, as well as a diagram of the chip:


No further details such as price or availability have been announced, but you can provide Imagination with your email address to stay in touch with them, or keep visiting makers.htxt for the latest news.

[Source – Imagination]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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