[WATCH] The Sims mashed up with Pokémon

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Pokémon: Nintendo’s second most lucrative franchise and the poster-child of the oft-remembered Gameboy. The Sims: the kinda real-life simulator that has more mass-market appeal than internet cats. Why would you mix these two things in the graphical art-style of a Gameboy Color game? And how in the name of all that is holy would that even work?

Well, YouTube content creator Hat-Loving Gamer (no real name given) obviously had their reasons and spent an inordinate amount of time creating the video “The Sims, in the style of POKéMON!”, and it’s amazing.

Starting the game in a small village, a house is demolished to make way for the new family. The character creator used to make Red and Pikachu is (like the rest of the video) packed with winks and nods to both of the franchises melded here.

Once the characters are created and moved into the house, we see a genius mix of two of the games’ systems: Pokémon’s battling and The Sims’ conversations. Gossiping about a Snorlax isn’t very impressive, but giving a gift seems to win favour.

We’re hesitant to speak about the rest of the video and the dark twists it takes, so we do suggest you hit the play button above and be delighted yourself.

Since Pokémon has always been heavily into characters interacting, putting life-simulation elements into the franchise is an awesome idea. Fans have long been begging for Nintendo to produce a Pokémon MMO. With the less-than-stellar Wii U and mobile gaming eating away at the prevalence of the 3DS, we may see the big N turn to this route and maybe even turn a profit.

With a few of the staff here at htxt.africa being ex-World of Warcraft addicts, we can only imagine the world-absorbing fixation that would be a Pokémon MMO.

And to save you the question: our favourite Pokémon is Tyrantrum. It’s a T-rex-dragon-Pokémon, your argument is invalid.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.