Jeremy Clarkson shows off Amazon’s drone delivery service

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Amazon has released a new video laying out its planned drone delivery service, Amazon Prime Air, and Top Gear’s ex-presenter is on hand to do the honours.

Jeremy Clarkson presents a “story from the not too distant future” in which replacing a chewed-up football boot takes just 30 minutes thanks to the new drone service.

After placing the order a template needs to be dropped in your garden for the drone to seek out, and it will navigate the air space to pop the box directly on top of it.

It’s not as bullet-proof as regular service, though: the drone is limited to 2.26 kilograms, and the drone in the video can only go as far as 24 kilometres to complete the delivery.

On the Amazon Prime Air page, we learn a bit more about the interesting craft. Apparently it weighs only 25 kilograms and flies below 122 metres, which explains why it can only carry such a small payload.

Amazon promises that the drone will use “sense and avoid” technology to keep everyone safe, and the entire service won’t be launched until  “safe operations” have been demonstrated.

We have to wonder how far off that is, as the video clearly shows a working, flying drone and not a proof of concept animation or similar.

If you’re excited to get your next local delivery this way, it’s going to be a very long time before that ever happens, if at all. Amazon is still not officially operating its online retail service in South Africa (although they do ship here at a cost), and the drone delivery system is only being tested in the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel at the moment.

The company still has an uphill battle in each of those countries to get the service licensed anyway.

As for the appearance of Clarkson, the controversial personality took to Twitter to speak about his last live show with other previous Top gear hosts James May and Richard Hammond.  The trio has already begun production on their new show which will broadcast on Amazon Prime Video.

[Source – Amazon on YouTube]


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