Epic Unveil Twinblast and Paragon

Epic unveils PC shooter Paragon

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Epic Games, the studio behind the highly lucrative Gears Of War franchise, has unveiled a trailer for a new PC game called Paragon.

On a new website the development studio quietly launched overnight (SA time), Epic announced that its new shooter is set for release in 2016 and that it will be revealing characters that star in it up until 3rd December.

The first one, Twinblast, has been revealed and as his name implies, he’s armed with two guns. He also has a dress style and haircut guaranteed to make any Anime fanboy froth at the mouth. Check him out in the video below.

Aside from the game’s name, Twinblast’s shiny good looks and the proposed release date, Epic is being deliberately vague on Paragon’s details. The character reveal and website indicate that it looks like players will be able to choose between a number of characters – named Steel, Sparrow, Dekker and Grux – and that they’ll have different playing styles and buffs.

By all accounts it seems that Epic Games may be the latest developer attempting to enter the FPS/MOBA genre, but that is simply speculation at this point. We have to applaud it for managing to keep Paragon firmly under wraps however; in an industry that seems these days to have more leaks in it than a shotgunned sieve, the fact that no one saw Paragon coming is, quite frankly, amazing.

If Twinblast looks like a character you might want to play with, the website also has a link that’ll allow you to sign up to the beta – although, once again, there are no details about when this may go live.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Paragon and you’ll have more details as and when we get them.