Fallout 4 Review round-up: all’s well in the Wasteland

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As thousands of copies of Fallout 4 get dispatched for delivery today and internet service providers cringe at the influx of downloads from online gaming portals like Steam, there is little to no doubt that Fallout 4 fever is the only thing on the minds of gamers around the world.

We are anxiously awaiting our review and personal copies but we aren’t going to send you out into the world of modern gaming uninformed with nothing but excitement to fuel your purchasing decision.

We’ve scoured some of our favourite gaming websites to bring you a review round up from international wastelanders that have spent the last week exploring the next-generation of Fallout games.

PC Format

It’s filled with care and attention to detail—like the expanded set of radio stations, or the way flash radiation storms bathe the world in a sickly, ominous green hue. It’s a pleasure to pick through the world, to discover new sights, and to pick through the perks and customisation option to conceive the perfect character build, however bizarre. In short, many of Fallout 4’s problems, like every Bethesda RPG before it, are a consequence of what makes them unforgettable. 88/100 Editors Choice


There are bound to be two camps this year. One who loves the Witcher 3 with all of its heart, and one whose love belongs to Fallout 4. For my part, I’m torn between the two. But for what it’s worth Fallout 4 has certainly topped its predecessors as my favorite game in the series and sets a new bar for what to expect from a Bethesda RPG in the future. 8.8/10


After spending over 40 hours with the game, I can safely place it somewhere in the middle of Fallout 3 and New Vegas in terms of quality. A lot of the franchise’s signature problems have carried over directly into Fallout 4, but all of its charms have come along for the ride as well. It manages to do a whole lot right, but the story drags at times, and glitches… glitches never change. 7.5/10


The world, exploration, crafting, atmosphere, and story of Fallout 4 are all key parts of this hugely successful sandbox role-playing game. Great new reasons to obsessively gather and hoard relics of happier times, strong companions, and sympathetic villains driving tough decisions make it an adventure I’ll definitely replay and revisit. Even the technical shakiness that crops up here and there can’t even begin to slow down its momentum. 95/100


Where previous Fallout games have leaned into the iconic idea of the lone badass wanderer, that Clint Eastwood frontier fantasy, Fallout 4’s long-term masterstroke is this deep and robust system that is all about rebuilding, putting down roots, and maybe settling down. Once you’ve completed the story, once you’ve exhausted the side quests, once you’ve found and cleared every location on the map, there’s still gameplay to be found in managing, maintaining and protecting these communities. Recommended

There are of course some out there that are not all too pleased with Bethesda’s latest return to the wasteland. Cheat Code Central gave Fallout 4 a remarkable low 3.4/5 score saying, “My hype to see how Bethesda would interpret all these innovations and incorporate them into the Fallout setting turned to disappointment when I stumbled through a game that features the same poorly-implemented combat and all the same old Gamebryo engine annoyances and glitches we’ve been dealing with for years.”

On the other end of the scale The Daily Dot awarded the game top marks saying that “Fallout 4 could be the only game you buy for the next six months, and you might never get bored. It’s everything that Fallout fans were hoping for” which earns it 5/5 on the site.

We’ll have our review up as soon as possible having just received our review copy as we wrote this up.

Are you excited about Fallout 4? Have you taken some time off work to explore the game’s Boston-inspired wasteland? While you do that we’re going to get lost in a world of Pip-boys, mutants and just one more level before bed.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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