How to get race times and results for the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge online

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The annual Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge is one of the country’s biggest cycling events; even our own Brett Haggard is competing in it this Sunday (15 November).

Luckily for us in the office, there is a way that we can check up on him (when we are not cheering him on from next to the road).

Through the use of some very clever technology, those who are interested in the race time and results of rider can log on to and check out the details.

All that you need to know about a rider is their first name and surname, and you are all set to go. The search for a rider and results can also be filtered down to a specific race, as there are plenty happening over the weekend.

94.7 Cycle map

If you know the rider’s chip number the website has the functionality to search for individuals by tracking their chip.

If you are not going to be behind a computer on Sunday, you can simply just download the iOS or Android app, and track everything from there.

You can also use the official 947 Cycle Challenge website to see the route map, which roads will be blocked off, and even provide you with alternative directions if you live in an area where the race will pass through.

Those little details are provided to through the help of navigational company TomTom, who has been actively involved with the cycle race for many years.

If you are going to be riding, don’t forget that Uber will be providing a service that will change your flat tyre for you if you are stuck on the side of the road.

[Image – 94.7 Cycle Challenge]

Charlie Fripp

Charlie Fripp

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