[MAP MONDAY] See every satellite orbiting across SA in real time

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Ever wondered if or when any of the 2 250 satellites orbiting the earth may pass over your town or city? Now you have the chance to see it happening in real time.

An interactive map called Line of Sight, uses data sources including SatNOGS, to show and detail each satellite’s route and their every movement across the planet 24 hours a day.

Clicking on an a satellite or its route will reveal information such as its name, whether its operational or not, size, how far above ground it is and other little technical stats.

Satellites orbiting over South Africa include Cosmos 1771, Cosmos 1554, SL-8 R/B, among others.

A quick search we did of Johannesburg shows the Navstar 26 (USA 83) satellite bobbing across the city moments ago.


Line of Sight was created by artist and engineer by Patricio Gonzalez for open-source mapping lab, Mapzen.

You can see the entire map on GitHub.

[Source – Gizmodo, Image – CC Public Domain]