[MAP MONDAY] The state of maths education in Diepsloot visualised

The northern Johannesburg township of Diepsloot appears to have some of the most underperforming high schools in Gauteng in terms of its matric maths pass rate.

According to data gathered by blogger and analyst Paul Berkowitz,  less than 10% of learners achieve high enough marks for university entry.

There are eight high schools catering for 1 500 young people of high school-going age in Dieplsoot, six of which are public and three which are private.

Paul Berkowitz, gathered data from six of the schools in the township to create this map and tabulate their 2014 matric maths pass results to determine how they’re performing and how many learners on average would be eligible for entry into a university course.


Of the analysed schools, four had learners (18 in total) scoring 69% and above. The average pass mark was between 20% and 40%, which is enough to only get one into a technical or FET college.

Diepsloot-maths-results_table1-1024x222Diepsloot-maths-results_chart2-1024x220LEAP Science and Maths School matrics performed the best, while Rabasotho and Sunrise, performed the worst as no learners scored higher than 50%.

On the brighter side, the overall matric pass rate for schools in Diepsloot was generally much better, with a combined percentage of 79.9% of all matrics registered to write exams.

Results for this year’s matric exams will only be released in January 2016, from there we’ll be able to tell whether or not performance in these has improved.

[Source – Paul Berkowitz, Image – Steven S]


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