Opera browser update adds installable web apps

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If you browse the internet on your phone and want a convenient place to store your favourite bookmarks, you might want to consider installing the Opera browser after its update.

While the Opera browsers for Android has the usual bookmarks tap, with the new update that is currently rolling out you will be able to add websites directly to your phone’s home screen.

“We’re very excited about installable web apps, as it bridges the gap between native and web apps in an elegant way. When a user clicks ‘Add to Home Screen’ after loading a site in Opera, a shortcut to a site is placed on the home screen of their device, allowing for an app-like experience in the web browser,” Opera said.

While not explaining a heck of a lot about its new video compression on the mobile browser, it did say that it has worked on tweaking some elements that will reduce the data usage from watching videos online.

“From now on, users will see less of the dreaded video-buffering wheel, as Opera browser for Android is coming to the rescue with video compression,” it said.

The company has also updated the Opera Mini browser with some tweaks, and it now features a better notification feature, so you will be notified when your files are finished downloading. You will also now be able to open a new tab while still reading the page that you are currently one. It will open in the background with the option to quickly switch between them, allowing you to navigate across multiple sites.

The addition of new features to the Opera browser is part of the company’s plan to increase the number of users to 275 million in two years.

“To grow our Android user-base from 140 million to 275 million users by 2017, we are dedicated to introducing features that give a superior user experience. The strong lineup of features with the introduction of the new and fresh Opera logo, is a milestone in our aggressive growth path in the Android market,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera.

[Source – Opera]

Charlie Fripp

Charlie Fripp

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