The G Printer is a crowd funded resin 3D printer that does a few things differently

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Gooo3D, a South Korean company, is taking a crack at resin printing with their G Printer Indiegogo campaign.

Digital Light Processing (DLP) printing in the G Printer uses a UV lamp to harden liquid resin which then forms a 3D print.

Back in March the world was wowed by a similar process shown off by the CLIP 3D printer and its seemingly unbelievable act of pulling a fully formed print out of a pool of liquid.

The G Printer has a few features to make it stand out from the crowd, such as a more uniform UV beam for greater print accuracy and an embedded OS that allows prints to be made right off of a USB stick. Gooo3D is claiming that the G Printer is the first of its kind to “eliminate the need for a PC or wifi network”. If this system works as claimed this will be a big step forward in making 3D printers more like their 2D paper-based counterparts.

Efficiency is also important here; the relatively small 126 mm X 78.5 mm X 145 mm build volume can recreate details up to 100 microns small, and the UV bulb is said to last 10 000 hours.


At the time of this writing, the campaign for the printer is sitting at 14% completed with only 10 backers. The flexible end goal is set at $100 000 (R1 415 615) with 29 days left to reach it. The cheapest a backer can get a G Printer is $4 500 (R63 702, which includes 500g of resin), which is scheduled to be shipped in April of 2016. When the 50 “Early Bird” packages are taken, the cost of the printer will increase.

South Africans already have access to resin printers in the form of the Form 1 printer. Imported and sold by Johannesburg company Build Volume, the Form 1 is currently discounted to R47 000 of the regular price of R51 850. Not only is this option cheaper, but it skirts all the uncertainties of a new company creating an untested printer.

The last time we reported on a crowd funded 3D printer, it didn’t turn out very well. Hopefully Gooo3D knows what’s it’s doing with the G Printer and will actually deliver them when the time comes.

[Source – IndieGogo]


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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