The internet of things in a box with the Creator Ci40 Kickstarter

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We recently came across the Creator Ci40, a new maker board that promised extremely easy internet of things (IoT) connectivity. It also boasted the ability to run multiple Linux distros and Google’s new IoT operating system, Brillo.

Not a lot else was known about the board at the time, as its creators Imagination were keeping mum about the affair, but now they’ve spilled the beans with a Kickstarter campaign.

With 27 days to go, it has raised £11 707 of its £20 000 goal (R250 832 of R428 517).

The heart of the project is the Creator Ci40 development board which comes with a MIPS interAptiv CPU (a 550 MHz dual-core, dual-threaded offering), multiple low-power wireless options, and input/output ports that are compatible with Raspberry Pi B+ and mikroBUS.

Functionality for the system is provided by adding Clicker expansion boards and mikroBUS sensors.

A Ci40 board can be backed for only £35 (R750), but you can also order the “IoT in a box”, which is the development kit at  £70 (R1 500).

This kits comes with the Ci40, two Clicker expansion boards and three sensor boards. Higher tiers are available (for more money) that add either more Ci40s, more expansion and sensor boards, or both.

The products are set for an April 2016 delivery to anywhere in the world but, as with all Kickstarter projects, don’t take that as a certainty.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of