Video makers to earn money on Facebook vids

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Zuck is making a play for the online video space with the announcement that Facebook will compensate creators with a portion of the revenues earned from their videos.

And according to Zuckerberg’s press briefing yesterday (via Wired), Facebook is racking up over eight billion video views a day, and just over 500 million people are actively watching. That’s a huge audience, and thus a large number of eyeballs at which to pitch advertising and of course, to sell on to advertisers.

This was announced during Facebook’s third quarter financial results briefing which took place late yesterday.

While this is good news – people who make really good video content deserve to be rewarded – it’s also a wee bit disingenuous: YouTube counts a video playing for 30 seconds as a view, but Facebook counts three seconds as a view, says Wired.

And since Facebook videos are set to play automatically now – which you would have surely noticed had you been on the site in the past couple of months – you can understand how a three-second view doesn’t necessarily mean someone has watched, absorbed or appreciated a video.

Still, it’s seldom a bad thing when a big company wants to reward people for actively participating on the platform it created, and with those numbers behind Facebook’s popularity, people who put out videos truly worth watching stand to make a mint.

The latest videos to make their way onto Facebook include amazing 360-degree clips that can be enjoyed from a browser as well as various virtual reality headsets, which allow viewers to pan around the scene in real time with their mice or heads as it unfolds.

[Source – Facebook, Wired]

Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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