Street Fighter Mod Recreates Holm knocking out Rousey

[WATCH] Holly Holm knocks out Ronda Rousey in Street Fighter mod

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If you even have a passing interest in MMA, you’ll know that this last weekend, the UFC was shaken to its core when the women’s champion Ronda Rousey was knocked out by challenger Holly Holm.

In her sixth title defence, Rousey was unable to go for her trademark judo clinch, being unable to get within grappling distance of Holm, who kept her at bay with striking attacks. After an eye-watering haymaker put Rousey off balance, Holm knocked her out with a kick to the head. It is the first defeat Rousey has suffered in her MMA career.

If you didn’t catch the bout – or you’d like to see it without the blood and sweat – modder Richie Branson has recreated it using a Street Fighter IV video.

The video doesn’t recreate the entire match blow for blow, but its does contains two interesting aspects. First, Holm (which is modded on Chun Li) keeps Rousey (modded on Cammy) at bay using a sustained series of strikes. Second, the K.O. is delivered with an eye-watering kick to the head – much as how the fight ended in real life.

If you want a more technical breakdown of the fight, Jack Slack has written a very detailed and considered piece over on Fightland.