GTA V Star Wars Lightsabre Mod

[WATCH] Star Wars lightsabers land in GTA V

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The Grand Theft Auto V community is arguably one of the most creative groups in existence.

In the years since Rockstar North’s open-world behemoth saw release, modders have created a plethora of new toys for the GTA community, including an Iron Man Hulkbuster suit,  flipping semi-truck trailers, whales that rain from the sky and more.

Now, presumably because the approach of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is drawing ever nearer, one GTA player has created a video involving a battle with lightsabers and the Force.

In the above video created and posted on YouTube by Boris The Blade (probably not the poster’s real name) old chums Trevor and Michael settle a couple of scores the Jedi way. Naturally the battle has a bit of GTA spin on it – we can’t recall any Jedis shooting the Force lightning through their middle finger – and it’s heaps of fun to watch.

Unfortunately, if you find the idea of playing with lightsabers in GTA V appealing, we have some bad news: the above video isn’t showing off a mod. Instead, according to ‘Boris’ he/she spend a month and a half creating the video using Adobe After Effects.