GoMetro launches Google Maps-like app to help you dodge traffic

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GoMetro, the mobile service that provides Metrorail schedules and updates for commuters across South Africa, has just launched an app to bring you traffic updates, without using your GPS.

GoMetro Traffic monitors the traffic conditions along the route you normally use to get to work and alerts you about incidents and estimates how long your journey will take so you know what to expect.

The app was developed in partnership with traffic news site, TrafficNet.

GoMetro says it plans to leverage its proven strategy in growing mobile audiences interested in mobility information for GoMetro Traffic- by social media promotion, digital media and information-sharing viral loops.

“The localised and focused experience for our users differentiates our traffic offering as its the only traffic app that doesn’t use your GPS,” it added.

“We observed that other traffic applications are focused on navigation, and require a user to keep their GPS on all the time in order to receive traffic information. Obviously, this kills battery life and can overheat your phone,” GoMetro CEO, Justin Coetzee said in a statement.

GoMetro Traffic lets you save a trip card and uses the information to determine when to send you a push message about a traffic incident.

[Source and image – GoMetro Traffic]