Triggerfish announces StoryLab contest winners jetting off to Disney studios

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South African animation firm, Triggerfish Animation Studios has revealed the eight winners who have been selected for its StoryLab programme and will be jetting off to Hollywood to receive mentorship from top animation and film experts.

Triggerfish announced in July that it had teamed up with Disney to put R42 million over three years towards finding talented, young animators and storytellers across the African continent and turning their ideas into a reality, beginning this year.

The following contestants were selected from a group of 35 finalists after pitching their stories to a panel of local and international expert judges:

The Camel Racer (Wanuri Kahiu and Nnedi Okorafor – Kenya and Nigeria)

Dropped (Ian Tucker – SA)

Lights (Kay Carmichael – SA)

The Wild Waste (Naseem Hoosen – SA)

The TV series selected into the Story Lab are:

Bru and Boegie (Mike Scott – SA)

KC’**s Super 4 (Malenga Mulendema – Zambia)

Ninja Princess (Marc Dey and Kelly Dillon – SA)

Wormholes (Lucy Heavens – SA)

The group will go on a two-week trip to be mentored by executives at the Disneys headquarters in Burbank, California, next year.

“From misfit Zambian girls who become low-budget superhero-super-spies to a stubborn 12-year-old Kenyan girl who defies tradition by racing camels, from a young South African scientist who accidentally turns her annoying little sister into a new source of electricity to a timid lemming who must defy his nature, these are characters we fell in love with,” Anthony Silverston, head of development at Triggerfish, said in a statement.

“We’re excited by the range of stories, that explore everything from contemporary urban to Afro-futuristic worlds. We’re looking forward to bringing something fresh to the screen,” he added.