Top female entrepreneurs head to Dell Network Summit in Cape Town 

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Successful women entrepreneurs from around the world will gather at the seventh annual Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Summit in 2016 to discuss the importance of innovation in business.

The summit, which will be held in Cape Town for the first time, will see 150 specially invited participants receiving inspiration and “tools to create prosperity, stability and opportunity in every country around the globe,” Dell said.

Workshops, pitches and networking opportunities will form the bulk of the summit’s activities.

“The role women play in driving the global economy is becoming more and more foundational to the health and well-being of our world,” Karen Quintos, chief marketing officer at Dell, said.

“Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network is all about fostering relationships and providing gateways to the resources women founders need to succeed. There’s no better place than South Africa, a burgeoning centre of entrepreneurship, to have these important conversations,” Quintos added.

At the summit, Dell will also reveal the findings of the 2016 Women Entrepreneur Leaders Index, an annual global study which is used to measure high-potential female entrepreneurship based on individual aspirations, business environments and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Dell explained that the study will act a diagnostic tool for countries to expand opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

[Source and image – Dell]