Twitch community raised more than R262 million for charity this year

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Twitch, the streaming site best known for drawing large audiences to watch videogames being played live, has released some insight into how it and its community helped give back this year.

Now popular on Twitch, a “Charity Stream” usually involves a well-known internet content creator streaming videogames while viewers watch and participate by donating to charities. Donations can sometimes be accompanied by messages which appear on screen.

Between 55 different charities, the platform raised $17.4 million (R262 386 780) in charitable donations.

The bulk of these donations came from 25 individual fundraisers who brought in more than $50 000 each (R753 985), and over 60 that raised over $1 000 (R15 079).

That being said, the top five streams brought in the lion’s share of the donations with more than $13 million (R196 103 050) between them:

  • Extra Life: $7 million+ (R105 593 950) for Children’s Miracle Network
  • Games Done Quick: $2.8 million+ (R42 278 600)for the Prevent Cancer Foundation and Doctors Without Borders
  • Gaming for Good: $1.3 million (R19 629 350) for Save the Children
  • Yogscast Jingle Jam 2015: estimated $1 million+ (R15 08 4850)for 7 different charities (still ongoing)
  • St. Jude Play Live: $950,000+ (R14 344 525)for St. Jude

Even though one of those streams is still going on, Twitch released a rather pretty infographic detailing the year and summin up the above in picture format. Enjoy.

From the Twitch blog.

As our gift to you, we’d like to introduce you to our favourite event from Twitch in the form of “Twitch Plays Pokémon”. This bizarre streaming event and social experiment – in which Twitch’s infamously terrible live chat was used to control the character in the original Pokémon. In the chaos, faux religions were created, villains and heroes rose and, in the end, the hivemind finally defeated the game.

An estimated 1.16 million people participated over the 16 days it took to complete the game and, while other Pokémon games were played in a similar way following the original run, none captured the imagination of the public like the first one did. It’s a tad difficult to beat the formation of a religion.

Here’s a quick run down of the insanity that only the internet could create:

[Source – Twitch]

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Clinton Matos

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