CSA Facebook Hacked

Cricket SA regains control of official Facebook page after hack

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Cricket SA (CSA) has regained control of its official Facebook page following a successful breach on it last night by unnamed hackers.

CSA contacted Facebook for help after the hackers posted a series of links to explicit content overnight on its page – which has around 33 million followers.

Some of the content posted by the hackers included links to sexually explicit images and racist diatribes – many of which were slammed by Facebook users in the CSA page’s comments section.

CSA says that the hackers (or hacker) took control of the page, removing all of its official administrators from it and then started posting up the offending links. CSA has reached out to Facebook to find out how the hackers were able to do this.

“All the people who have admin rights on Cricket South Africa’s page were kicked out, so we couldn’t get into Cricket South Africa’s page,” CSA’s Altaaf Kazi told Eyewitness News. “We’ve since then contacted Facebook and done all the necessary procedures to ensure that the account is taken down. There has been no negligence from our side as far as I’m aware.”

CSA has also posted an apology to its followers on the official Facebook page.

“We would like to apologize(sic) for the inappropriate posts that came off this page during the course of last night and this morning,” the CSA team posted. “Our Facebook page was indeed hacked, but the issue has since been resolved and we have fortified our security measures to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again.”