[MAP MONDAY] All 38 000 public facilities where government plans to provide internet 

For the South African government to meet its targets under the SA Connect broadband policy, it must provide internet access to over 38 000 public facilities.

SA Connect was adopted a little over two years ago on the 6th December 2013, with plans to provide internet access across all public facilities by 2020.

These facilities include schools, hospitals, the Post Office, SASSA offices, the Lower Court and police stations.

A map created by local tech research firm, BMI-TechKnowledge pinpoints the locations of these facilities in urban, suburban and rural areas as well as all the fibre connections that will link these facilities to the internet.

Screenshot (695)

You can see the full interactive map, here.

The table below details government’s plans and targets for the project.

Screenshot (694)
[Source – BMI-TechKnowledge]
According to BMI-TechKnowledge, and as we’ve noted before, government is still far off from reaching these targets and probably won’t meet them in five years’ time.

“Our analysis confirms that the achieving the 2020 targets is already at risk, and that even meeting the 2030 goals are challenging unless the programme gathers momentum soon,” Denis Smit, Managing Director of BMI-T said in a statement.

“We need to more than double the current national fibre optic footprint. The resultant demand for the deployment of fibre optic infrastructure is likely to be up to ten times that of the most successful long distance project yet undertaken in the country,” the firm said.

BMI-T has put together a report on the progress SA Connect has made so far and how much more needs to be implemented for it to be a success. You can subscribe to get it on the BMI-T website.

[Image – CC Wikimedia Commons]


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