Batman Arkham Knight

New Batman: Arkham Knight DLC drops this week

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If you’re one of the many players who has needed an excuse to dust off that copy of Batman: Arkham Knight, then rejoice! Rocksteady’s final game starring the Dark Knight is set to get some new DLC this week.

According to a report on Polygon, the final batch of DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight is set to drop on consoles on 22nd December.  The new DLC falls under the banner of The Season Of Infamy and the Most Wanted missions feature four new villains from the caped crusader’s rogue’s gallery: The Mad Hatter, Mr Freeze, Ra’s Al Ghul and Killer Croc.

The new DLC also includes a new Batmobile – based on the design of the vehicle from Batman: Arkham Asylum – and a new Batsuit based on the costume that Christian Bale wore in Christopher Nolan’s movie, The Dark Knight.

For more information on the DLC, clock an eye at the Arkham Insider video posted by Rocksteady. Note that they have the most enthusiastic Community Manager in the biz in the form of Daxx Ginn (and yes, that is his name). For our money, Rocksteady missed a trick not including the option to have a commentary track from Ginn as a downloadable extra for the main game.

The new DLC is free for anybody who bought the Season Pass for Batman: Arkham Knight. This DLC is also the last downloadable content that Rocksteady will be releasing for the game. It’s not clear at this stage whether the British studio will be sticking to its assertion that this is the last Batman game it’ll develop – note that Studio Head Sefton Hill stops short of ruling out a return to the series entirely.

We can live in hope…