Star Wars toy collection sells for more than R7 million at auction

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Think you blew some serious money when you forked out R110 for an Imax ticket for The Force Awakens? Or maybe that R2 250 for a LEGO Millennium Falcon would be too rich for your blood?

Well spare a thought for the bidders who recently partook in an auction for Star Wars memorabilia in which 600 lots sold for a total of $505 202 (R7 650 021).

The items belonged to Tomoaki Nagao, nicknamed Nigo, a Japanese fashion designer known for founding the clothing lines A Bathing Ape and Billionaire Boys Club.

The toys sold were apparently only a “small fraction” of his total collection.

In an auction called “Return of the NIGO” at Sotheby’s in  New York, bidders paid through the nose for obscure, limited and signed merchandise all bearing the iconic Star Wars branding.

The highest bid of the day went to a multipack of seven figures  from “The Empire Strikes Back” for $32 500 (R492 656). Other notable sales include:

  • Power of The Force Boba Fett prototype: $1 875 | R28 422
  • Luke Skywalker replica lightsaber: $1 625 | R24 632
  • Thermal Detonator replica: $1 603 | R24 299
  • Han Solo blaster replica: $1 500 | R22 737
  • Power of The Force coin set: $27 500 | R416 862
  • Luke Skywalker with double telescoping lightsaber: $25 000 | R378 966
  • Hungarian Bobba Fett action figure: $15 000 | R227 379
  • Stormtrooper helmet: $8 125 | R123 164
  • Yak face action figure: $7 250 | R109 900
  • Han Solo action figures: $4 750 | R720 03
  • Revenge of the Jedi Darth Vader Proof Card (literally a piece of cardboard): $4 000 | R60 634
  • Empire Strikes Back 15th anniversary poster:  $3 750 | R56 844
  • Power of The Force Anakin Skywalker: $3 000 | R45 475
  • Canadian Boba Fett action figure: $2 250 | R34 106
  • C-3POs action figures: $2 000 | R30 317
  • Signed Mace Windu replica lightsaber: $2 250 | R34 106

To round off this story, we’d like to introduce you to a fun game created by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw (famous for Zero Punctuation):

To illustrate his point, users on Reddit had a laugh at Star Wars-themed coffeemascara and, wait for it, oranges. Oh capitalism, you silly goose you.


[Source – CNN Money]


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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