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Google Play Music DOES have a trial period in SA

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Google Play Music launched locally this morning and initially we were told that the service would cost R49.99 until January and then R59.99 from then on.

What we weren’t told – and what we found out completely by accident due to the fact we decided to have a play around with Google’s music streaming service – is that Google Play Music has a free 30 day trial period.

This means if you want to try out the service without laying any money down upfront, you have a month’s worth of free music to listen to.

Not only that but there’s an update concerning the service’s price too. Now, if you sign up to Google Play Music before 26th January, the initial cost of R49.99 is frozen, and won’t increase beyond that month.

In other words, Google is reducing the cost of  its music streaming service by R10 a month to reward any early adopters. The service on offer, incidentally, is the full fact service including Access All Areas, the online locker for your 50,000 tracks, pinned playlists and online music shop.

There’s still no word on whether local artists will be able to share music on the service and no word on whether Google will be offering ‘family’ subscriptions. However, it’s only taken a few hours for this update to come through, so you never know.


After logging into Google Play Music from three different accounts, has some rather weird findings to report. Attempting to sign up from the Google Play Music page reveals that the service is free for 30 days, but if you head over to the Google Play Store in a desktop browser, you can get a much more generous 60 day trial period.

Google Play Music

Here’s how to access this offer. If you go to, you’ll be given the chance to sign up for 30 days for free. But if you point you browser at – the main shopping site – and click Music on the left-hand side of the screen, you get double the song time. It’s probably a bit of A/B testing on Google’s behalf, so if you want 60 days best to sign up now!

To add to the confusion we decided to log into Google Play Music using a UK account and discovered that UK users are offered a whopping 3 month trial period.  [Note from Adam – My apologies to Google, apparently my Google account had been granted an extended trial period on account of being used to test a Samsung phone. The three month trial was specifically a promotion tie-in with Samsung.]