What’s inside the “Holidays Edition” of the Nabber Box?

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Last month we brought you the inaugural Nabber Box – a local spin on the “pay now and receive a random box of goodies later” business model that Loot Crate has perfected overseas.

In time for the end of the year we have this “Holidays Edition” which promises an equal amount of festive cheer and geek sundry. Let’s get right into it.



The box and included tissue paper is identical to the last one. While it all looks very nice, we still stand by what we said last time around: the money should be going towards the contents, not the box holding them.

And, like last time, the box got to us undamaged despite only coming in a plastic bag.

kersVADER T-shirt


The design on this shirt was actually created as part of a competition where local artists can get their work printed. The winner this time around was Crowther Lindeque with a piece of art that ties in Christmas with Star Wars. The print itself is very detailed without being so thick that it is uncomfortable, and the shirt itself is on the thin side, but fits well and is comfortable.

Local art, good design and a great cut makes this a t-shirt we’d actually wear.




Inside the box you’ll find a random figure from the HeroClix tabletop game. We lucked out with a flying version of Starfire instead of some of the more boring “standing on a piece of rubble” miniatures available.

As with all HeroClix, it’s of decent enough quality. The paint application is touch and go, but the sculpting is great and it will sit happily on your desk.

What we can’t comment on is how this specific miniature would perform in the game. Half of that is our problem for never playing the game, and the other half of the blame lies with the miniature coming with nothing but a little card that is used in-game.



If you like pinning badges with videogame themes to things, then these are for you! If you don’t… here’s two badges to throwaway. Yeah, these are pretty hit and miss.

As far as quality goes, they’re decently thick and won’t bend easily, but it’s the same type of promotional guff handed out at events.

Nanoblock set


Ah Nanoblock, LEGOs miniaturised, affordable cousin. It seems you can’t go into a toy or hobby shop without being assailaed by several dozen of these sets that range cover everything from famous landmarks to mythological entities.

If the leaflet in the box is to be believed, we could have gotten a snowman or a Christmas tree if we didn’t get ol’ Saint Nick. Judging by the pictures, we got the best of the lot.

At around 170 incy wincy pieces, the model will take you around 30 minutes to build.

It’s a lot more fiddly when compared to LEGO; the smaller pieces and less concise instructions will frustrate inpatient kids and adults alike. Regardless, it was nice to build something that strays from LEGO and its clone brands, and the resulatant model is sturdy enough to become a desktoy.

Rory’s Story Cube set


This is an odd one: the point of these “story cubes” is to roll them and then create a story based on the results. This can be used to play a game, as an inspiration for writing or anything else you could envision for some pictures printed on dice.

With only three dice in this pack, your options are extremely limited. Even though you can expand these with more cubes, what you get in this box is more of a taste test to see if you want to buy more of them. We really don’t think you’ll be getting a lot of mileage out of these three alone.

We got the “Prehistoria” set in green here, the other two options were “Clues” in purple and “Enchanted” in pink.

3D Printed DOTA keychain


Another item with the distinct “free booth giveaway” feel. The now iconic DOTA logo is 3D printed in orange with a metal loop to add to your set of keys.

The printing here is sharp enough to capture the jagged lines of the logo. The obvious printing layers are visible, but that adds to the charm, we feel.

Angry Birds Star Wars


Hey, remember that extremely popular game you can play for free on your phone or tablet? Well now here’s that same free game, as a boxed CD!

Okay, let’s give credit where credit is due: with the death of Angry Birds Chrome, playing mad avians on a bigger screen was locked away on devices such as the Apple TV and the various Android smart devices. Luckily, this comes with a redeemable code so you can load it on your PC without using a disc drive, and you can alt+tab to a spreadsheet when the boss walks past.

That all being said, it doesn’t change the fact that this is an extremely old, played out game which you can usually get for free. If playing it on a slightly bigger screen is worth that much to you, you may find some joy here.

True Believers: The Infinity Gauntlet #1 Reprint


Published in April of this year, this is the first book in the famous Infinity gauntlet story arc from July 1991. The very same story arc which forms the (extremely loose) basis for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As a single issue, this acts as more of a teaser to the rest of the story, but is damn compelling in doing that. Despite its age, the artwork and writing is still great and devoid of the campy trappings of earlier work. This was definitely a great addition.



A simple piece of double-sided paper explaining what’s in your box, and what you could have won in other boxes. Please recycle.


Putting aside the special editions which can be won, a Nabber Box will cost you R350 for a single month or R999 for three months, including delivery. Is this Holidays Edition worth it?

Because it is the holidays, we’re going to be very lenient and say that this particular box is worth the money. Not because its contents are equal or higher in value than the asking price, but because it makes a great set of items to “part out” to relatives or coworkers. There’s bound to be someone in the office/family that is a massive fan of the franchises represented in the box, and you can choose what to keep.

If you want this box just for you self, however, you’ll be burned by the basically free keychain, badges and game.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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