Suicide Squad

Watch the full Suicide Squad trailer

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Comic book fans, popcorn action flicks and pretty much everyone over here at htxt is pretty excited about the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.

Ever since Warner Bros released the teaser for the movie following last year’s Comic-Con (albeit in a rather disgruntled manner), we’ve been itching to see more from DC’s colourful flick in which a group of supervillains are assembled by the government to take part in missions which are, unsurprisingly, rather dangerous.

Overnight, Warner Bros answered our prayers and dropped the full length trailer for the movie, which you can watch below:

Perhaps the most note-worthy aspect of the Suicide Squad trailer – besides the fact that it’s soundtracked by Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody – is the fact that it looks… well, fun. That’s not a knock on any of DC’s other films – Man Of Steel and the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy were great movies (well, maybe not the Dark Knight Rises) – but they and their marketing campaigns carried themselves with a rather stuffy sense of self-importance.

By contrast, the Suicide Squad movie, in which some of the most barmy set of characters in the DC Universe have been granted day-release from the mental asylum, looks gleefully chaotic. Just compare it to the trailer for Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which, while rather good looks about as much actual ‘fun’ as doing your accounts.

Oh, and unlike the aforementioned trailer for the movie starring Bats and the boy from Krypton, the Suicide Squad trailer doesn’t give away almost the entire plot. DC might want to consider that last point…