Adele’s “Hello” is the fastest video to clock 1bn views on YouTube

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Adele can add a new YouTube record to the those she happens to be breaking in the music charts.

YouTube announced today that here single ‘Hello’ is now the fastest video to reach one billion views on the video platform.

Korean musician Psy’s music video ‘Gangnam Style’, which holds the record for most viewed video at 2.5 billion, took over a year (158 days) to reach that goal in 2012. Adele’s single has taken just 87 days after being released late last year, according to the graph below.


If you have a closer look at the graph, you’ll see a trend of videos reaching one billion views faster over the last five years and all of them are music videos.

“While one billion views is rare, it’s occurring at a faster rate. Since 2014, the number of days to reach one billion views has dropped dramatically. In 2013, the fastest track to 1 billion was Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ at 487 days. In 2014, it was Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ at 238 days,” YouTube said.

At this rate, it looks like Gangnam Style has a strong contender for the most viewed video of all time. It took the video three years to pass the two billion views mark and seeing as Hello only took just under three months to reach one billion, the record may not be so far off for Adele.

Gangnam Style

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[Source – YouTube Trends, image – YouTube]