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93% of Netflix US content is not on Netflix SA

Video-on-demand (VOD) service, Netflix, launched across the globe last week, but if you’re hoping to catch the latest season of House of Cards when it debuts in March, think again.

An Australian website, Finder.com, has compiled a list in which the South African Netflix library is compared with the library in the United States.

Once you start scrolling through the lists it becomes clear that even though Netflix is in South Africa, the service is better described as Netflix Lite.

According to the Finder page, there are 5 328 titles including movies and TV series available to Netflix subscribers in the United States, 93% of which are not on the South African service.

Interestingly, South African Netflix features some titles that aren’t being shown in the US such as Man on Fire, I Am Legend and Wedding Crashers.

Even with this in mind, the selection is less than tempting and many South Africans that having been using Netflix via a geo-blocking service will likely continue to do so.

Elsewhere on the VOD service, an entire section on the US site dedicated to LGBT content is gone and several risqué movies and TV shows are also absent. As we mentioned, the service seems very watered down and not as tempting for those still making use of regular TV or local VOD services.

Netflix has said that licensing restrictions prevent them from providing all content to all countries, but even with that in mind many people will be asking why South Africa has only been given 373 of 5328 titles.

There are other services to choose from if the Netflix asking price of $7.99 (R132,43) and selection prove not to be worth it, but we really hope that more content is unlocked here, especially Netflix’s original shows.

Should that not happen, at least we have this new House of Cards trailer packed with spoilers from previous seasons:

[Image CC by 2.0 – filmingilman]


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