Apple is hiking up prices in the App Store

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If you are the owner of a shiny new iPhone or iPad, we at sincerely hope it was a recent Christmas gift. If not, you may find the cost of stacking it with apps is about to become more than you bargained for.

That’s because Apple is planning to make some adjustments to the prices of apps in its App Store in seven regions, and yes, you guessed it, South Africa is on that list. We’re not alone though; Canada, Singapore, Russia, New Zealand, Israel and Mexico are also set to be the recipients of this price gouge.

According to a report featured on Tech Radar, Apple is making the price changes to reflect the fluctuating fortunes of the currencies in those seven countries.

Obviously we don’t need to go into too much detail about the terrible time the rand has had over the last couple of months. Suffice to say its value has been dropping faster than one of the many unmanned SpaceX rockets; at the time of this writing it’s sitting at R16.73 to the dollar and over R23 to the pound. Ouch!

There is, however, a thin – and by that, we mean, anorexic – silver lining in this very dark cloud. According to the report, the price changes are going to take 72 hours to take effect, so you have around 3 days to download the likes of Monument Valley or Lara Croft GO before the exchange rate puts them beyond your reach.

It seems that for iPhone and iPad owners, 2016 has just gotten a little more expensive.

[Source: Tech Radar]