Watch a flock of birds create beautiful music on the guitar

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What happens when you put 70 birds in an enclosed space with several guitars and amps? You make great music, apparently.

This strange art installation is the creation of French Artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot who came up with the idea at a dinner party:

“One day a some gallerists came to my house for dinner. During dinner they heard music and they asked me what it was. I opened the door and they saw all these birds in the room… it was the birds playing percussion on small metal dishes. And that led to another experiment with tuned strings and chords, which was a big success.”

Eventually Boursier-Mougenot found his way to using flock of zebra finches, guitars and amps with high gain. Here’s what it actually sounds like:

While this isn’t a university student at a party playing Wonderwall, it could be classified as a “guitar drone symphony”, which would be adequate given the slow, intermediate melody. As expected, the birds don’t methopdically pick cords, but rather land on the strings as they would electric fences and power lines, creating the sounds as they shuffle around and eventually fly off.

Visitors who managed to catch the installation while it was still installed didn’t do so from behind a glass wall or velvet ropes, but were able to walk around and listen to the tunes. We wonder how many of them got a surprise “present” on their heads as they listened.

[Source – Classic FM]


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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