The Jungle Book Movie

The new trailer for The Jungle Book looks less lame than we expected

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When attended the #DisneyAfrica showcase last year, one of the highlights we reported on was the fact that Disney are releasing a new version of The Jungle Book in 2016.

It wasn’t initially a highlight because a remake of The Jungle Book was necessary. Rather we were tickled by the idea that it was going to be a live action remake in which CGI animals would interact with human actors.

On top of that the cast list seemed a little out of the ordinary in places. Sure, Sir Ben Kingsley as the panther Bagheera made sense, as did Idris Elba as the tiger Shere Khan. But Christopher Walken as King Louis, the all-singing, all-dancing lord of the apes of the jungle? That seemed like a ridiculous stretch.

Well, imagine our surprise when we clapped eyes on the new trailer for The Jungle Book, which actually looks quite amazing.

As you can see from the footage above, The Jungle Book remake looks quite action packed and all of the voice talents seem to suit their characters – including Bill Murray as Baloo the bear and Scarlett Johansson as Kaa the python.

Furthermore, while the facial capture of the animals probably won’t fool experts like Sir David Attenborough, they don’t look as eye-wateringly bad as some recent examples.

Most surprising of all is that Walken works as King Louis; while he tosses out the odd decent one-liner in the trailer, Louis seems like more of a dangerous, feral beast than he did in the animated flick from all those years ago. Consider us excited.

Now, Disney, can we have a Doctor Strange trailer please?