Apple Music for Android lets you save songs to SD card for more offline listening

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If you’re an Android Apple Music user, you may be glad to know you now have the ability to save more music for offline listening, as well as save on mobile data.

An update to the app has just been released, allowing you to download music straight to your microSD card.

This means you can use a microSD in addition to your mobile’s on board storage or just have all your downloads transferred to SD card altogether to free up some space on it for other app downloads.

To make the most out of the offline feature so you can save on mobile data, it’s always best to use the app when you’re connected to WiFi.

The recent updates also allows you to browse the My Music section by composers and compilations, which will come in handy in helping you find your music, classical albums or movie soundtracks, if you’re particularly into those two genres.

Download or update Apple Music for Android from Google Play.

[Image – Apple Music]