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Cell C launches contracts for the data hungry

Cell C

Cell C announced three new contracts for those among us who use more data than text messages and call more people than we see on a daily basis.

The Pinnacle contracts, which is what Cell C is calling these new products, is squarely aimed at customers that make a lot of calls and use as much data.

The best news however, is that the pricing of these contracts won’t change throughout the terms of the contract.

Chief Executive Officer of Cell C, Jose Dos Santos said in a statement, “the Pinnacle suite of products offers an all-inclusive voice, data and SMS proposition at exceptional rates, giving high-usage customers the best value available in the market.”

Enough of the jibber-jabber, here’s what Cell C is offering:

Contract Minutes SMS Data Cost per month
Pinnacle 1 600 (R1.50 out of bundle) 600 (15c out of bundle) 1GB (15c/MB out of bundle) R499
Pinnacle 2 1 000 (R1.50 out of bundle) 1 000 (15c out of bundle) 2GB (15c/MB out of bundle) R699
Pinnacle 3 Unlimited Unlimited 10GB (15c/MB out of bundle) R999

The network has also revised its “Contract Buy-Out” scheme.

Customers who choose the Pinnacle 1 contract will still only be able to settle their account with their current network to a value of R10 000 before switching to Cell C.

Those who choose the Pinnacle 2 or 3 contracts will qualify for a R20 000 Contract Buy-Out, and they won’t have to hand over their current handset.

These new Pinnacle contracts are available on a month-to-month basis or over 24-months from Cell C stores or online.

[Source – Cell C] [Image – Cell C]


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