Huawei springs a leak as photos of the P9 surface

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With MWC 2016 concluding last week we thought we had seen all there was to see in the world of smartphones, well, for a month at the very least. However, a report on VentureBeat has revealed details of what we expect to be Huawei’s next flagship, the P9.

According to VentureBeat the photos were leaked by an individual who wishes to remain anonymous who also gave the website a detailed account of what Huawei fans can expect when the phone is released later this year.

The most striking feature is of course the dual rear cameras but his isn’t the first Huawei handset to boast dual snappers at the rear.

The Honor 6 Plus had a similar feature that allowed budding photographers to do some cool things with the camera such as capturing an image in varying levels of focus and being able to choose the one you prefer.

The camera will house a 12MP sensor and a lens created by Leica.

The P9 will also boast a USB Type-C connection rather than the microUSB connection we’ve seen in most Android smartphones.

As for the technical specs, take a look at the table below

Display 5.2inch Full HD
Chipset Kirin 950
CPU Quad-core @ 2.53GHz AND Quad-core @ 1.8GHz
GPU Mali-T880
Memory 4GB
Storage 32GB
Operating System Android Marshmallow 6.0.1
Rear camera Dual 12MP
Front camera n/a
Battery 3 900mAh

Keep in mind that these specs has not yet been confirmed by Huawei. Because of this we don’t know which model of CPU is being used or even if the battery capacity listed is the battery we will get when the phone launches, so take this table as a best case scenario.

What will it cost? When will it be out? Well, we don’t know. According to VentureBeat the P9 should be out before June but that means very little when there four months between now and June, and now pricing was stated.

Looks like we’ll all just have to wait until Huawei gives us an official announcement to know more.


[Via – VentureBeat] [Image – CC BY/2.0 Kārlis Dambrāns]



Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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