Steam bundle prices will be lowered if you already own some of the games in the bundle

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Steam bundles will have their prices changed depending on which games are in your library – if you own a title(s) that is already in the bundle, the price of it will go down.

This comes from official word passed down to developers from Valve themselves and obtained by PCGN. The price of bundles will not only change according to how many games you own included in the bundle, but will also be cheaper if there’s a sale going on.

The arithmetic behind this sliding scale has not been revealed yet.

At the moment many of the bundles on Steam will not reflect this change; partly because the new system hasn’t been rolled out fully, and partly because it’s an opt-in decision from the developers and publisher. This means that, even if this kind of discount becomes the norm, some companies may choose not to use it.

We took a quick look around the store to see if we could see any bundles down in price. As stated, most of them have not fallen despite our ownership of many titles. We did find that the Valve Complete Pack has the new pricing enabled, however:

Here’s the bundle when logged out of Steam. Notice the price at R1 011.60.


When logged into our account (which owns many of the titles in the bundle) the price drops to just R320.40


This is a welcome change to the store, and it should lead to more people picking up games, just like Steam’s last big shake up.

[Source – PC Games N , Image – C.C. 2.0 by 401(K) 2012]


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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