Hooros: The online network linking businesses with the right tech freelancers

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South African tech companies looking for the right talent to build bespoke software or internet based services may want to cast their eye in the direction of the recently launch Hooros

The Cape Town-based startup is helping link suitable freelance developers in the country with prospective clients. Hooros is an exclusive network of vetted, local developers, designers and copywriters.

A lot of businesses hire freelance or permanent developers or designers based on familiarity heuristics.

“Employers look for the most easily identifiable attributes from their top developers and designers for example, which university they went to and their level of education or grades, but this ignores the simple rule that correlation does not imply causation,” Emmuanel Sibanda, co-founder of Hooros , explained to htxt.africa.

“On the other side you have employers who have realized the flaws of this approach and instead look for internal recommendations before hiring,” he added.

“This is a great strategy if, for example you are hiring one developer and have a large enough network to truly harness the value of this approach, but this breaks down when you need to hire freelancers for a short-term project or if your network is not large enough to give you any real benefit.”

Upon signing up, freelancers are vetted before they can create a verified profile.

Thereafter, whenever a client requests a freelancer or permanent employee from the Hooros network, an additional practical test and video interview may be carried out depending on the client’s needs and the freelancer’s skillset to ensure that the client is connected to the relevant expert.

Client can then view a list of the experts who have passed the Hooros filter and choose the expert they prefer to work with.

“We then proceed to draft the necessary legal agreements to ensure protection of the client’s intellectual property, clarify the relationship between the expert and the client and expectations from both sides and include provisions protecting the expert against non-payment,” said Sibanda.

If the client is employing a freelancer we also handle all the freelancer’s invoicing,” he went on.

Hooros has already helped over 600 freelancers since it’s launch late last year, facilitating payouts worth R50 000.