Kruger Park and Table Mountain come to Google Street View

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Google South Africa announced today that it’s possible to discover more of our beautiful country via an initiative called “South Africa: The Mzansi Experience”.

The project uses Google Street View via Google Maps to let potential tourists to take virtual tours of some of the country’s most appealing sights and locations.

The company made creative use of its Street View Tripod and Trekker technology, and captured 360-degree imagery that lets visitors experience things like seeing a family of elephants in the Kruger National Park, take a virtual walk on Table Mountain and pay a visit to Signal Hill using nothing more than their internet-connected phones, tablets and computers.

Google’s Mich Atagana said of the initiative that “We are launching this imagery on Google Maps as part of a campaign to showcase the beauty of South Africa as a tourist destination for local and international travelers. South Africa is home to some of the top tourist destinations in the world, home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites and home to the Kruger National Park – one of Africa’s largest game reserves. This imagery seeks to showcase the beauty of the country to those who are interested in virtually traveling here, and will hopefully to inspire them to visit in person.”

Of course, the tech giant couldn’t have done this without the help of SANParks. In a press statement, acting head of communications at SANParks, Reynold Thakhuli, said “SANParks is proud to partner with Google Maps, making use of its technology to improve accessibility to South Africa’s natural heritage. Over the last few months, Google Maps has been collecting imagery in a number of national parks in order to bring a broad spectrum of the public closer to exciting wilderness features than they have ever been before.”

Potential tourists from 66 countries have access to the tours as of today. If you’d like to check it out – and who wouldn’t? – you can find everything you need on Google Streetview.

[Via Google]


Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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