The Division’s servers fell over on launch night

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Have you been looking forward to getting your hands on Tom Clancy’s: The Division tonight? Well, you might be out of luck, as (to no surprise, really) the servers have already fallen over.

According to Kotaku, when many people wanted to jump into the action, they received a bunch of ‘Sierra’ or ‘Romeo’ errors, with the message that “Ubisoft services are not available at this time. Please try again.”

The servers started to go live in Australia, steadily activating across the globe as each region hit midnight – the dedicated time for the switching on of the game’s servers.

To make matters worse, The Division needs a constant internet connection, so if your connection drops or disconnects for even a split second, you won’t be able to access the game’s features at all.

Some users have speculated that it wasn’t just The Division, but that the entire Uplay server structure fell over, as Rainbow 6 Siege also suffered an outage.

Other players managed to play through the tutorial missions, which takes about an hour, but were then kicked out of the game when they entered the Manhattan section – presumably as there is a server change in that section.

Uplay is Ubisoft’s game center and online store, and serves as the central hub for everything Ubi related.

Ubisoft has acknowledged that there has been an issue. “We’re currently aware of an issue impacting our games and services and we’re actively investigating to deploy a solution as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience and understanding,” it said in a forum post.

It has since claimed that all services have been restored by saying “All services have resumed normal operation on all platforms. We are monitoring the situation.”

There has been no word on whether South African players have been affected, but it does seem like Ubisoft has been able to intermittently restore services – although slowly. With the majority of gamers taking on the streets of New York tonight, the whole saga might just happen all over again.

Charlie Fripp

Charlie Fripp

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