Suicide Squad has a new trailer

New trailer for Suicide Squad drops

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Suicide Squad has been riding the hype train since the first trailer for it dropped at year’s Comic-Con in San Diego.

Since that reveal, a whole host of pics, trailers and promos have been released. We know that both Batman and The Joker are going to make appearances – as is the Batmobile (presumably repaired from its outing in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice).

There have even been goofy stories about the cast; apparently Jared Leto remained in character as The Joker for the entire the shoot and even sent really creepy gifts to his co-stars.

Now, with its release only just about a month away, Warner Bros seems to want the hype to keep building. To that end it’s released the longest and most detailed trailer for Suicide Squad to date. Check it out below.

Eagle-eyed watchers will note shots of the Batmobile and a shiny pink car that The Joker’s driving – would that be the Jokermobile? – so it looks like Bats and the Clown Prince of Crime may feature more prominently in the film than was first imagined.

The members of the Squad are all present and correct – and it’s nice to see Deadshot dressed in the character’s signature garb including a one-eyed/targeting-scope mask, even if, from the looks of things, Will Smith won’t be wearing it much.

The main feature that stands out, though, is how light in tone the whole thing feels. Suicide Squad appears to be miles away from the dour, po-faced atmosphere that was shot through nearly every frame of Batman V Superman. Good thing too, since the latter’s tone was apparently a large aspect that rubbed critics up the wrong way.

Suicide Squad is released this August. We’re more than a little excited.